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You lost me at self love...

Hey Babes & welcome back!

Today I want talk to you about a little topic called self love. Let's be honest, this is a struggle for most of us right? I know for me, it has been a huge block. It's easy to just say, "oh yea of course I love myself," but it is a whole other level to actually believe it.

Stop reading for just a second, well after the next couple of sentences. Haha! I want you to close your eyes, think about the things you LOVE about yourself. Not the things you hate, nor the things that you want to love, the things you truly LOVE. For instance if you love your big blue eyes, let that thought roll through your brain. Come up with 5 things right now in this moment that you love about yourself.

Do you have those 5 things?

Now write them down somewhere, put them in the notes section of your phone, put them somewhere so you can revert back to them if needed.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, we can move on to more self love chit chat.

Self love is a broad topic and every person may have their own version of what self love is. That is fine, but know that whatever it looks like for you is not wrong, its your self love. The act of self love is coming to a place with yourself in which you truly accept yourself, love who you are, give zero effs, quit picking yourself a part, and 100 percent love the shit out of yourself. Does this mean you can't have moments where you see yourself in a photo and you pick out every flaw you see? No, we are human! This will happen, in fact I just did this exact same thing 2 days ago when I got some professional photos back. Fears, doubts, and insecurities are part of being human but we don't have to dwell or get consumed by them. The key is to not let yourself stay in that negative space, recognize that you are there, and find a way out. For me, it was stopping myself from picking out everything I hated about myself in the pictures and find what I loved about them. It is just that simple.

Now truly growing in self love will take time, it is not an easy task and it is one that will be ongoing. I say this because I am living it today. I went from zero self confidence, zero self love to figuring out a way to get out of my victim state and know that I am truly worthy. The way I look at it is in this world there is only ONE of me, and that in itself is amazing. There is no other person in this world that is exactly like me, been through the exact same experiences, and have the same thoughts and feelings. Sure, we can find people who we have things in common but we will never find someone with the same identical genetic makeup.

One thing that really just punches me in the gut when I am in one of those self loathing phases, is to really know that God {or insert your choice of higher power here} hand picked me to be in this world, the He made me and believes that the world needed me. How freaking powerful is that to think? It literally makes me and my self loathing issues feel so minuscule. So I want you to think about this every time you find yourself in negative space, maybe your participating in some negative self talk, get yourself out of it.

This is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to self love. (side note, I can't say ice berg without thinking of Titanic, which leads me to think about Jack & Rose, which leads my brain to saying "I'll never let go". Haha, just a little trip inside my brain for ya). Now back to the topic. I could really go on for hours on this, but who wants to read a blog post that is 1 billion words? NO ONE! So I will save more for later.

The great thing is, you should have 5 things that you love about yourself written down after reading this. I want you to use these, revert back to them when you feel down or maybe you feel super bloated and having an off day. Reference back to those 5 things that in this moment today you L O V E about yourself!

P.S. If you want to tap into more self love and your inner badass. I recommend this book by Jen Sincero titled You are a Badass. Read it, it is amazeballs, YOU'RE WELCOME.

Until next time,

Much love babes,

Mindy, xoxo

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