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Are you a selfie taker? If yes, more power to you girlfriend! If no, why not? If you are dressed up for the evening, having a really good hair day, just got your hair done, or just really feeling yourself do you selfie it up?

Some women may think that taking a selfie is narcissistic. Is this true? It's not if you don't think it's true. I am not going to lie, being a part of a network marketing company, I have taken my fair share of selfies (#selfiesunday). However, do I think taking selfies are narcissistic? HECK NO! Here is my opinion about selfies, and you can take it, adopt it, or leave it. If you're feeling great about yourself, feeling really good in your own skin take the dang selfie! You don't have to post to social media, but if you want to GO FOR IT! There is nothing wrong with loving yourself, feeling yourself, and taking a picture to document how you looked and felt in that moment. To me, it is actually pretty empowering, but again this is my sweet little opinion, you don't have to agree with me. But if you aren't taking the selfies in fear of what others may think, reevaluate who's opinions really matter in your life and then go from there.

I challenge you to take a selfie today. Love yourself, shine your light, and don't let anyone in the world dim it.

Until next time,

Much Love,

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