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Finding Peace In The Overwhelm...

This time of year as everyone is going back to school things can get a little hectic. For all you Mom's out there, I'm sure you have went through moments of WTH I'm going to lose my ish!!!!! I'm a teacher and I have felt the same way over the last few weeks getting prepared for the school year. Keeping it all together can be hard sometimes that's for sure. However, finding some peace in the overwhelm is key. Finding a way to keep your cool so you don't lose your mind is always a good thing LOL! I know that once school goes back then the sports start up and all the extra curricular events start, so it's bound to get hectic right! You're trying to keep things all together but you are making lunches, driving kids to school, picking them up, taking them to practices and games, etc. On top of this you may be working a full time job and some even a side hustle. All things combined equals one full plate. But what if I told you there are 3 SIMPLE Tips to helping you with the overwhelm so that you can keep your cool and maintain this crazy gorgeous life? Well it's true! I have 3 tips for you today and I hope you find some value in them.

3 Tips To Help With Your Full Plate:

1. BREATHE - yep, this is simple but something we forget often. Just stop and take a deep breath. Take a moment to regroup when things get hectic so you can respond to things from a better place.

2. Take some time for you- Find some time to give yourself. Even if it is just 5 minutes. Give yourself this time to recharge, refuel, get centered, and fill up your cup. We can't continue giving from an empty cup, so taking some time for you is essential. Grab a cup of coffee and sit by yourself to enjoy it, take a bubble bath, get a workout in. Do something for you by yourself.

3. Say No- When you plate is full it never fails that other things get added. You get asked to volunteer at your child's school, you get asked to work the concession stand at your child's little league game, etc. If you know that saying yes is going to spread you even more thin and cause stress, then say NO! It's that simple. You don't have to say yes all the time and the moment you give yourself that permission to say no will feel empowering.

I hope these tips you find valuable, I hope you can apply these some way in your life to help with the overwhelm of this crazy time of year.

Until Next Time,

Much Love,

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