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Being Fearful is Being Human

When someone says they are "fearless" I want to just call bullshit right then and there. YOU ARE NOT FEARLESS! No one is fearless. We ALL have some sort of fear. It may be snakes, spiders, or drowning. We may also see fears coming up when we are stepping into something new, going through a change or transition, or something negative may happen. Fears are natural, we are all freaking human but it is how we respond to fear that is important and will set us apart.

So lets use a new job opportunity as an example here. Imagine this, you have been at the same job for 10 years. You are good at your job, you have been promoted but have been at this position for 5 years. You love the people you work with, and for the most part you enjoy coming in to work everyday. Then out of nowhere, a job opportunity presents itself, like pretty much falls in your lap, that would be a huge step up from where you are. You know you are qualified, you know you would do amazing at the job, but you begin having fears. You are fearful of the change, fearful of what your current boss will say when you put in your notice, fearful of leaving your colleagues that have become your friends, fearful of starting fresh. Am I hitting the nail on the head yet? I think so.

Now answer a question for me, what are these fears doing for you? Are they helping you make your next best step, or are they keeping you comfortable and safe. Right! They are keeping you safe. If you don't make this HUGE SCARY LEAP then you will stay where you are in the safe comfy job you have been for so long. But what if there was a way to recognize these fears but still move past them?

I'm here to tell you that there is a way! It's not going to be easy, but it can be done. First and foremost you need to recognize the fears, like I said they are trying to keep you safe. Recognize them, validate them, but ultimately know that you are in control. You are in control of moving past them. So here is the hard part, like I said it isn't all going to be easy. When you strip away all your fears, if in your gut you feel that this is your next best step then go and do the damn thing! When you do this, your fears are still going to be there but you can be in control of them. When we step into fear, that is when we truly grow. You got this girl, whatever you are going through, just face it and step into it. God, the Universe, or whatever higher power you believe in is behind you and supporting you.

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Until next time,

Much Love,

Mindy xoxo

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