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Hey hey and welcome back! Today I am talking all things about up-leveling. If you're new to the self development or self growth world, then this may be a new term for you. If you currently do not partake in any kind of self growth practice then this may be completely foreign to you. So first and foremost let me preface this with if you do not have a self growth practice of some sort, I recommend finding something that works for you. One of the easiest way I incorporate this into my day is by listening to podcasts on my way to work.

Self development and growth allow us to find ways to help us stretch, grow, and learn new ways of doing things. I used to think that this was not something I needed. I guess I was a little scared of change, but a self growth journey is such a beautiful process. When you finally get tired of living your life in the same way everyday, seeing things the same way, responding to things in the same way, then it's time to change your perspective and mindset.

Since really diving deep into my self growth journey, I have been able to step into a version of myself that I was always meant to be. I have learned the importance of listening to my gut and how to follow the nudges that I am being given to chase my dreams. This blog was a big part of this journey. I felt called to start this, and when I would have normally just chose to ignore it, I followed it. Here we are blog #15 and I am so happy I have a space to put all my thoughts in hopes that it may help someone else. Does this mean my growth is over? NO! I will never be done growing and learning. I firmly believe we only stop learning and growing when we are dead. I have so many new things coming down the pipe line because I am choosing to grow, change, and listen to what I am being called to do next.

Up-leveling is a gorgeous thing, and I wish every female would find the power within it. Find what works for you and schedule in some self development time each week. This can be a book, a podcast, audio book, youtube video, whatever works best for you.

Until Next Time,

Much Love,

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