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The Only Permission You Need is From Yourself...

Hey Hey babes and welcome back for another soul shaking post from yours truly. :-) So let's jump right in here, ok? LETS G O O O O!

Asking for permission. Ha, when I hear this phrase it makes me think of asking my parents to go out with friends and waiting for the inevitable "NO!" Oh those were the days right? When we HAD to ask for permission from our parents or authority to do something. The funny thing is as we grow into adults, we develop these dreams and goals and sometimes subconsciously, (side note I'm not going to tell you how many attempts it took to spell the word subconsciously haha), we are silently waiting for the permission from someone else to give us the go ahead. Why do we do this? Are you doing this? I know I have. I know that I have pushed goals and dreams down because I was waiting for someone else to give me permission, almost like I needed approval. I have no idea who I was waiting on to come along and tell me these things, but I was.


There is not a single person in this world whose opinion matters more than yours! If it is YOUR dream, YOUR goal then why are you waiting on someone else? Stop right now, give yourself the permission to make the move, take the leap, open the business, start the company, launch the website, quit your job, etc. You do you, do what naturally feels good and in alignment with you and good things will follow. The most powerful thing you can do in this life is stop waiting on others and do the damn thing for YOU! It's not selfish, it's being a BOSS!

So I challenge you today, quit waiting and give yourself permission to do something that truly lights you up! Go out and DO IT!

Until next time...

Much Love!

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