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My Top 5 Tips to a Productive Week

Hello and welcome to another week here on the blog. When we are busy it is easy to let things suffer because we don't have time. However, if something is TRULY important to you, then you will make it happen Right? I know for me the first thing that goes to on the back burner is my health and fitness because lets face it, it's HARD! So whatever it is for you find some ways to help set yourself up for a better week. Today I am going to give you 5 tips of mine that I use every week to help make sure I am one step ahead and ready for a productive week.

1. Meal Prep- Yep I said it. MEAL PREP! Some people die when they hear the thought of spending time in the kitchen on the weekend getting their food prepped for the week, but it is so worth it. Let's be honest, I am not an early riser and I will forever be running late. So this why I meal prep so I don't have to think about my lunch in the morning. I literally make all of mine and my husbands lunches and snacks on Sunday! It makes life so much easier.

2. COLD BREW! This goes along with meal prep but I feel like coffee is so important it gets a number of it's own. I like cold brew, especially when it's hot out. I like to steep coffee on the weekends to make cold brew so that I can ensure I have joy in a cup for my commutes to work.

3. Finish laundry AND put it away. This is something that I struggle with sometimes. The weeks I don't get it all done or put away, I honestly don't feel as at ease. I work hard each weekend to make it a point to get it all done and put away so we can start each week fresh.

4. Check my calendar: I like to look at my week coming up so I can see what I have going on. This helps me figure out when I will be able to squeeze in a workout or even what we will do for dinner. For example, if I know I am going to have a late night I will either plan a crock pot meal for that night or have it written in that we will get take out.

5. Plan our dinner menu and make a grocery order: It does seem as though my tips revolve a lot around food and it's true. We love our food! Ha! But on the real though, I sit down every weekend and make a dinner menu for the week and make a grocery order according to that menu. I don't buy unnecessary things. I don't add things in that we don't need specifically for that week. This helps keep the cost down AND keeps us from having junk to snack on in the house. Cuz your girl will eat it ALL!

These are just my tips, these may not work for you. However, I hope that some of these might give you an idea of things you can do in order to make the work week a little easier.

Until next time,

Much Love,

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