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It's Celery Time!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of my stories about drinking celery juice. I have had some questions about it so I thought it would be easy to do a quick post and vlog about how I go about doing it. First of all, I was a skeptic. I mean drinking celery juice is supposed to have a ton of benefits but I didn't think I would see any this quick or at all. I have always had gastrointestinal problems, indigestion, gall bladder issues, digestion issues, etc. My gut has been jacked up for years. For about 10 years I have taken a DAILY preventative medication to help with my horrible indigestion. There were days that I would take a sip of water and it would give me all the heartburn. Since starting celery juice every morning, I have NOT, I repeat have NOT taken this medication!! I haven't had indigestion AND I have even eaten things that would normally give me indigestion even with the daily medication.

Here is a quick videa on how I make it. I will also attach some benefits of drinking celery juice for you!

Happy Juicing!

Much Love,

Mindy xoxo

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