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Dance Like Your Life Depends On It

Dancing is not something I'm good at. I take that back, at home alone in my kitchen cooking dinner I am pretty much as good as any back up dancer in a hip hop music video. On the real though, it's not a strength of mine outside of my kitchen. I know this, so I don't usually grace the public with letting them see this natural born "non-talent." It usually takes at least 3 adult beverages for me to even start swaying back and forth, and even then I know my limits, and NEVER push them.

With this being said, I've been testing out the waters lately and doing things that I wouldn't normally do just to see what happens. I will get into more of those things later, but for this blog post we are going to talk about how the world didn't end when I danced my face off.

So here is the super epic story of the time Mindy danced and didn't care what anyone thought. The time was a humid evening in July, the setting was a bar called "SIXTIES" in Cancun, Mexico. For this story I need you to really envision this bar being humid, sweaty, and my hair being plastered to the side of my head. I was wearing a romper maxi and tied up the tail because it was so hot.

As we get in there, most of the girls I was with immediately headed towards the dance floor. I naturally took a seat at the bar with the guys, just watching them have fun. As I was watching them move around, have a good time, and laugh I was reminded of what one of the girls said as we walked in the door. She said " I want you all to know that I can't dance for the life of me, but I'm dancing anyway!" Then in that moment The Cupid Shuffle came on. I knew I could do that, so I jumped up and ran out there. I did that then it was followed by the Electric Slide in which I slayed. (In my own world). At this point I was having a good time and then next thing I knew I was dancing to songs that don't have instructions. I was just moving my body, having a good time, sweating my ass off, and not having a care in the world. We danced for 2 hours when the bar closed at 2 AM. I have never felt so liberated, so free, so proud AF of this tiny little fear I faced head on. Guess what happened when I danced, NOTHING! No one said "oh my goodness girl you need to go back and sit down." No one died, the world didn't end, and I felt FREAKING AMAZING!

This may seem like such a small thing in the grand scheme of life, but it was a huge leap I took in MY grand scheme of life. It doesn't matter if it is a big deal to everyone else, you do what makes you feel like a bad ass! If that's dancing your face off then do the damn thing! If this is getting up and singing karaoke in front of strangers, DO IT! I promise you, the world will not end because you are facing a fear. It may be uncomfortable, but you will survive it! Once you do it, it will literally change your perspective on how truly amazing you are! You got this! Do something that scares the shit out of you this week, share it with me here in the comments. You are supported, go out there and get it girl!

Side Note: I'm still not a good dancer. I probably won't ever will be, but it's ok! I'm not trying to be in Beyonce's next music video, I'm just excited I felt the amazing feeling of moving my body without worrying what others would say.

Much Love,

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