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Hey Hey Hey! Welcome back to another post from yours truly. Recently one thing I have been working on with my coach is celebrating. Why do we always think we need to wait for something HUGE, some big life event to happen to celebrate. We so easily celebrate graduations, weddings, job promotions, birthdays, holidays, etc but we always forget to celebrate the small things.

I have been working on finding things to celebrate weekly or even daily. What is one thing I can be super happy about today that I can celebrate? It may be the fact that I got up on time and had an extra five minutes before rushing out the door. In my world that is something that rarely happens. It could be that I washed my nasty hair LOL! When I say celebrate ALL things I really freaking mean it! Why can't I celebrate the fact that my coffee hit the spot this morning? Why can't I celebrate the fact that the weather was so nice and my hair didn't frizz? Is there a celebration police running around saying what we can and can't celebrate? NOPE!

So if there isn't a celebration police running around issuing tickets for celebrating the small things, then why are we forgetting to do this? It's because we get to wrapped up in our everyday busy lives that we forget. It's so easy to do this. Celebrate the day! Know that this day is a gift and the fact that you are breathing on this earth today is amazing in itself. We were given a new day, a new opportunity, so lets celebrate the heck out of it.

I challenge you today. Celebrate today like it's your last. Celebrate every small thing that happens or things that you might usually take for granted. This life is amazing so lets take a moment to slow down and just smell the roses.

Until next time,

Much Love

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