Live Your Truth was created so that you can STOP dimming your light & step into a powerful AF version of yourself! You have the opportunity to transform your life with the support of others in a small group setting! Mindy holds a special space for you to light up the world!


  • Dims your light so that you don’t make others uncomfortable.

  • Hides your true self in fear of what others will think.

  • Holds back from pushing for a goal or dream because you’re afraid to fail.

  • Feels stuck, doubting your abilities and value constantly.

  • Is ready for more, ready to FINALLY live the life you are obsessed with.

This 4-week program provides you with both live trainings and group calls! During the time spent together, Mindy holds 2 live trainings a week and hosts 2 group calls

This is the opportunity you need to transform your current reality & allow you to start creating the reality you are craving. The next round will be starting soon! Spots are limited so grab yours by joining the waitlist now!